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Stop Putting Off Your Sales Funnels!

Your essential checklist to prepare your funnel & start converting your audience today!

"I'm scared of the tech.""I don't understand how it all fits together."

"I don't have time to pull it all together."

"Why would I need a funnel at all?"

You wouldn't believe the different objections or excuses I hear as to why successful business owners haven't automated their businesses and put together a sales funnel.

But make no mistake, a successful and SCALABLE business NEEDS to have a functioning sales funnel to do the heavy lifting of converting leads into customers - you simply don't have time to manually nurture each lead!

Once you understand what you need to have in place you can choose to action it yourself or to hire someone to help you achieve it.

I've worked with numerous businesses (including some big names in the industry) over the last 7 years to help them develop, manage and maintain their evergreen funnels - including webinar funnels, paid ad funnels, lead magnets, nurture campaigns and retargeting campaigns.

I've experienced what works (and what doesn’t work so well!) when it comes to your rinse and repeat campaigns and know the hacks to get your funnels converting and working together as an automated eco-system. And the key is understanding right from the outset what you need.

I've taken the guess work out of things and collated a checklist of the key elements you’ll need to consider and put together.

So, get ready to stop putting off your funnels and get crazy prepared!

“I recently took on Charlotte to help me with my Infusionsoft, Memberium and Learndash integration.

Charlotte goes above and beyond for her clients and is great at what she does. I would definitely recommend!”

Nadine Forbes, HollyWood Winners' Circle

"Working with Charlotte on my products and automations has been a dream, as she is an expert in so many of the things I simply don’t understand! Nothing is too much trouble, and she works with both speed & efficiency to action I didn’t even know were possible. I’m excited to be working with Charlotte and intend to take my business to a new level now that I have her on board. Without a doubt, I highly recommend this wonderful lady!"

Jo Ferrone, How DOES She Do It

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